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The Monrovia Providers Group, Inc. consists of community agencies working together as a 'TEAM' to deal with issues relating to senior citizens in the City of Monrovia.

Our goals include taking a proactive approach as a Community Team to assist senior citizens with aging-related concerns before those concerns reach a crisis stage. In an effort to avoid the duplication of services, we combine community agencies, resources and benefits available to our seniors. Our goal is to educate Monrovia's seniors about community services, educational opportunities, and activities available to them.

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Upcoming Meetings and Events

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Regular Monthly Meeting
April 3, 2014, Thursday, 8:30 am
Monrovia Community Center

119 West Palm Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016

Membership Dues
It's time to renew your membership. The cost is $75. You will need to fill up a membership form and submit it during our monthly meeting or you can send it via US mail to: Monrovia Providers, P.O. Box 2068, Monrovia, CA 91016. Visit the membership page for more info.

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Get Involved with the Education Committee

The MPG Educational Committee is excited to be in the development phase of its first ever MPG Care Cafe. We are now putting together the program for the event scheduled for March 20th. The Care Cafe will be held over a 3 hour time period and will be formatted in sessions and include lunch. The attendees will be both caregivers and care recipients.

Currently, the Committee is surveying MPG members for the ability to provide support to the event in the following categories:

  • Arts
  • Relaxation
  • Entertainment
  • Memory-related Activities
  • Other Unique Ideas for Self Care

Categories will be focused at caregivers, care receipients or both depending on the activity identified.

Please forward response by January 2nd to this email to Amy Graley at with anything you or your professional affiliation can support.

Who We Are:

The Monrovia Providers Group is made up of community agencies working as a team to handle senior citizen issues within the city of Monrovia, California. We represent a wide range of senior services: Adult Day Care, Equipment, Financial, In-Home, Housing, Legal, Medical, and other areas of support.

We meet at the Monrovia Community Center the first Thursday of the month. Informational networking begins at 8:00am.; the formal meeting starts at 8:30 and ends around 10:00. Breakfast is provided by a member/agency each month. If you are interested in joining a vibrant group working to improve senior services for the elderly in Monrovia, CA, please come and join us.

Help Our Community

The Food Drive is ongoing. You can donate your non-perishable canned goods, unused hotel toiletries and used grocery plastic bags to Foothill Unity Center through Cathy Klose (

At your convenience, you can also bring your donation to the monthly meeting and hand them over to Cathy.

Bring empty printer cartridges for Staples credit for MPG

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If you want to add your personal announcements, as a member, you are allowed to do so on our blog section.


Send questions to:
626 256-8246

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