Where do I start? I have a family member that may be unsafe in their home. I want to make sure they are well taken care of and are happy.

You may be able to help assess your family member by understanding how they handle their day-to-day care. Click here for a checklist and explanation of the Activities of Daily Living. 

​Things seem to be changing rapidly for my family member. How do I approach them with suggestions for their health and care?

This can be a difficult time. Communication is key with the senior and other members of the family. Click here to find out ways to explain possibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Seniors and Their Families 
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We've determined that it is time to move my mother out of her home. What local options are available?

There are several different types of communities available, depending on your mother's needs. Click here for an explanation of senior housing.

​I live in another area and my father still lives in the San Gabriel Valley foothills. I want to make sure he is taking advantage of available resources and is protected against scams. 

San Gabriel Valley offers many different programs specifically for seniors. Click here for local senior programs, important phone numbers and local organizations.  

Unfortunately, seniors are the target of many dishonest schemes. Click here for a list of known frauds to use to discuss with seniors.

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